The vast majority of divorce cases resolve through negotiated settlement. A comparatively small percentage of cases actually go to trial. Consequently, accomplished and excellent skills in settlement negotiations become a significant factor in selecting a divorce attorney.

At Katz, Goldstein & Warren, our family law attorneys have years of successful experience in negotiating settlements that exclusively involve divorce and other matrimonial matters. Unlike many other areas of legally negotiated settlements, domestic disputes are unique in that the parties have an intimate knowledge of each other and share long-lasting relationships subsequent to the settlement, especially if children are involved.

Our divorce lawyers begin negotiations after careful preparation, while establishing parameters of what our clients want to gain, to what extent our client are willing to compromise, and what aspects under negotiation are not subject to adjustment.

Having acquired a reputation for excellence and integrity, our lawyers approach negotiations to artfully offer proposals that are not only in the best interests of our client, but also lend themselves toward concluding the case. Furthermore, the fact that we are recognized as accomplished litigators provides our clients with an advantage in reaching favorable settlements.

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