An aspect of pre-trial litigation involves discovery and financial analysis, which is the process of obtaining information and documents in order to discover facts relevant to a case. Discovery for matrimonial matters often includes financial disclosure, such as tracing assets, acquiring bank statements, credit card statements, income tax returns, corporate financial statements, corporate tax returns, investment statements, and cancelled checks, to name a few. In child custody or child support cases, discovery may involve requesting children’s school records, children’s activity records, professional or third party reports regarding tutoring, orthodontics, medical or dental records, proof of payment for special expenses regarding the children as well as other documents and information.

Discovery and financial analysis is an important aspect of thorough case preparation and is often an essential factor in obtaining equitable and just settlements out of court as well as positive outcomes through litigation. At Katz, Goldstein & Warren, our divorce attorneys are very proficient at obtaining discovery as well as examining witnesses regarding the discovery obtained. Our legal services also include financial analysis which often involves business valuation, evaluation of tax consequences, examining pension plans, investment returns, real estate assets and analysis of other complex financial matters. Whether engaging in financial analysis for a fair and equitable marital property division, a pre-nuptial agreement, post-nuptial agreement or other matrimonial issues, our attorneys at Katz, Goldstein & Warren work vigorously to analyze all financial information and to propose agreeable terms for our clients.

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